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Care Guides

A comfortable comforter is the most desired place after a tiring day. Bedroom temperature, light, especially the comfort and cleanliness of the bedding will affect sleep.Different products have very different ways of washing and maintenance, you should check the product’s washing logo before washing and maintenance, and treat them differently

Cotton Bedclothes

  1. Cotton fabrics have strong alkali resistance, not acid resistance, good resistance to high temperatures, washable with soap or other detergents.
  2. Placed in water for a few minutes before washing, not too long.
  3. Washing temperature does not exceed 40 ℃, reverse washing is appropriate; if there are decorations please remove the decorations first before washing.

Printed Bedclothes

  1. Put the detergent in the water fully dissolved, and then put the cover, so that the dirty cover can fully absorb the cleaning molecules in the detergent.
  2. Soaking time should not exceed 1 hour, long time soaking in water, not only to print color damage, but also cause fabric expansion, deformation.
  3. disable the bleach component of the detergent, avoid exposure to the sun, because it will make the bedding fade.

Embroidered Bedclothes

  1. Detergent with bleach is forbidden, which can easily destroy the color of the original embroidery products.
  2. Wash the embroidered covers according to the printing method, turn them over before soaking. When machine washing, you should take gentle gear to prevent the silk threads from being stripped, drawn or hooked.
  3. The quilt cover should be flattened after dehydration to prevent wrinkles from affecting the beauty.

Tencel Bedclothes

  1. When cleaning Tencel, do not soak or wash for too long, because Tencel fibers are highly hygroscopic, long time soaking, it is in the water between the fibers to increase the movement, the friction coefficient increases, easy to lead to pilling phenomenon.
  2. After washing, if the use of twisting, machine drying, etc., due to the strong rigidity of the Tencel fiber itself, the yarn is easy to disperse, which leads to easy to produce hair feathers, the result is the fabric pilling, pilling problems. The best way is to dry with water.
  3. Because tencel absorb moisture and dye well, it can’t be dried with high temperature or exposed to the sun; otherwise it is easy to cause the quilt to shrink and fade. So after cleaning, you should squeeze the moisture out and then dry it in a relatively ventilated and dry place.